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Ozempic Lawsuits

If you’ve developed one or more severe gastrointestinal conditions after taking Ozempic or a similar drug, White Heart Legal’s trusted legal partners are here to investigate your case and help you recover any and all compensation you are legally owed. Through a free consultation with one of our lawyers, you can discover if you have a valid claim, what it could be worth, and what avenues you have to seek justice. Our lawyers handle Ozempic lawsuits on a contingency fee basis, so you’ll never be charged upfront!

Ozempic & Other Weight Loss Injections Connected to Stomach Paralysis

Ozempic is one of multiple prescription drugs, originally meant for type 2 diabetes, that has been used for long-term weight management purposes. While Ozempic has not been approved for weight loss, this is a common off-label use. Unfortunately, Ozempic and drugs like it have recently been connected to serious, long-term conditions.

Through Ozempic lawsuits, victims can seek financial justice for the harm caused by negligent manufacturers of these weight loss drugs. Wondering if you qualify to file an Ozempic lawsuit? You may be able to recover compensation if:

  • You took Ozempic or another similar weight-loss prescription drug and are no longer using the product
  • You experienced one or more gastrointestinal disorders at least 30 days after your first dose

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Facts About Ozempic Lawsuits


  • Ozempic and similar prescription drugs (e.g. Wegovy)


  • Gastroparesis/Stomach paralysis
  • Intestinal blockage 
  • Ileus
  • Pancreatitis
  • Pulmonary aspiration (during surgery or under anesthesia)


  • Novo Nordisk
  • Eli Lilly


  • One of the first lawsuits was filed against Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly in Aug. 2023 for gastroparesis caused by their products, Ozempic and Mounjaro.
  • Lawsuits are currently being filed on behalf of individuals who’ve experienced gastrointestinal conditions due to these drugs.
  • As of February 2024, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has centralized Ozempic® lawsuits into an MDL in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Rare & Severe Ozempic Side Effects

Common side effects of Ozempic include nausea, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting. However, Ozempic and related drugs have also been linked to intestinal blockages, pancreatitis, stomach paralysis, and other rare and severe side effects.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) indicates that those taking injected semaglutide and similar injected weight loss drugs were more than three times more likely to develop stomach paralysis than those taking another common weight loss drug. While this study only looked at the use of these drugs for weight loss, those taking the drugs for diabetes could also be at risk.

Remember, always consult with your doctor about any side effects you are experiencing with your medication. If taking Ozempic causes you serious injury or illness and leads to steep medical expenses, contact our trusted Ozempic lawyers to learn more about how you can recover damages with a lawsuit.

FDA Adds Warning to Ozempic Label

September 22, 2023 — The FDA has appended a crucial warning to the Ozempic label. The advisory cautions users about the potential development of ileus associated with the use of the drug. 

Ileus, in this context, refers to a condition where the normal flow of digestion is hindered without any physical blockage, leading to abdominal discomfort and potential complications.

Ozempic Lawsuit FAQs

While Ozempic was FDA-approved in 2017 for use in patients with type 2 diabetes, it has not been approved for weight loss. Wegovy is the only semaglutide approved for weight loss by the FDA.

Besides Ozempic, other semaglutide drugs are:

  • Wegovy*
  • Rybelsus

Other drugs with similar uses and side effects that do not fall under the category of semaglutide are:

  • Mounjaro* (tirzepatide)
  • Saxenda* (liraglutide)
  • Trulicity (dulaglutide)

* FDA-approved for weight loss

Gastroparesis is a medical condition that involves the stomach taking longer than normal to empty its contents. It can lead to nausea, vomiting, and issues with digestion. If you believe your gastroparesis is linked to Ozempic or a related drug, contact us to connect with experienced lawyers who can assess your case.

If you’ve experienced issues with Ozempic, our partnering injury lawyers across the country can:

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  • Keep You Up-to-Date on Your Case
  • Collect and Analyze Evidence
  • Negotiate on Your Behalf
  • Represent You in Court, If Necessary

Having a lawyer on your side gives you a better chance of receiving all of your recoverable damages in an Ozempic settlement, even damages you weren’t aware you’d be facing.

When you work with White Heart Legal, you can be sure you will never have to pay upfront costs to retain legal representation. We work with lawyers who offer free legal advice and don’t charge unless they win compensation for you, so don’t hesitate to get started immediately!

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With a successful legal claim, you have the potential to recover not only your current and future medical bills but also the costs associated with missed work. Non-economic expenses, such as physical pain or mental anguish caused by Ozempic-related conditions, may also be eligible for compensation.

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